Friday, June 26, 2009

Leg #6 to Sparta, Tennessee

We decided to stay overnight in Grenada because it looked like we'd have a pretty good tailwind leaving the next morning. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. It wasn't a bad headwind, but a headwind none the less. And like always, the higher we got the stronger the winds. It was another flight down low. At least it wasn't blazing hot...yet. Pretty much everywhere we went the temps were in the upper 90's. The diamond has a canopy with great visibility, but there is nothing to block the sun. Both Jessica and I have what we call our "diamond tan lines."

Sparta is in the vicinity of Nashville. Lots of hills with tall radio towers on them that we had to keep a look out for. This leg was 248 nautical miles. We took off from Grenada at about 6:45, making it to Sparta by 9 AM. We were slightly concerned about the weather forecast for Jacksonville. The forecast had thunderstorms in the vicinity by early afternoon. We knew we couldn't spend much time on the ground in Sparta. We got our fuel, grabbed a few bottles of water, then headed off for Jacksonville, Illinois.

Parked on the ramp at Sparta

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