Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspection Time

Saturday and Sunday were full of inspections...inspections of the aircraft, inspections of the pilot credentials...we are fully checked out and ready to start this race!

The aircraft inspection was Saturday. We taxied over to the designated spot on the airfield. A mechanic did a static runup and checked the gauges. When they were satisfied with that, we shut down and they took off the cowl to take a closer look at the engine. They check for general maintenance problems, but also to make sure that there are no modifications that weren't reported in our previous paperwork. (What that tells me is that in previous years they must have had a problem with that!)

Since the Diamond DA40 had never been raced before, we had to send in a lot of extra paperwork before the race even started. I was happy to have the help of Vern Connley, an IA and volunteer with the Air Race. He spent quite a while going over the documents we needed and he quickly replied to all my emails and phone calls. Together with the help of Denise Waters, we were able to get the Diamond approved for entry. I was happy to see him at the inspection since I knew he was familiar with our plane. It was obvious that not all of the inspectors were as familiar with the Diamond aircraft. Jessica and I hid our grins when one of the inspectors asked us where the beacon light doesn't have one.

Even though we passed the inspection fine, we still didn't know what our handicap would be for the race. We would be told that Sunday after the test flight...

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