Sunday, June 21, 2009

Leaving Terre Haute

Friday was a long day for me and started at 6 AM in Terre Haute and ended at 7:30 PM in Denver when we landed at Centennial Airport. It was a relatively smooth flight, but strong headwinds caused our day to be a lot longer than planned.

My husband was nice enough to get up early with us so he could drop us off at the airport. We packed the baby in the car and met Jessica at 7:30 AM, then headed over to Greencastle Airport to pick up the plane. The manager of Dixie Chopper, John Layne, was there to send us off with some last minute advice and well wishes.

At this point our airplane was relatively naked - it didn't have the mandatory race number applied to it, nor did it have any ISU stickers. To remedy the situation, our first stop was in Bloomington, Indiana to meet Andy Bradley. Andy is a graduate of the Aviation program at ISU. He also happens to be a race car driver that owns a decal maker. In less than an hour our plane went from the standard flight school look to Classic 32. I told Jessica than we would have the best looking stickers of all the planes entered. Now that I'm here and have compared, I can say that I was right. The Diamond aircraft is the sexiest plane in the race. Thanks Andy!

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