Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leg #3 to Lufkin, Texas

It was lucky that we stayed in Sweetwater last night. We were able to get some early morning tailwinds for the 300 miles leg to Lufkin. First time since we left Indiana that we had a tailwind. It was a crisp, cool morning with great visibility. This shot shows the Sweetwater airport with the Windmill farms in the background. They have one of the largest arrays of windmills in the country. The drive to the airport was in the dark and the red lights on the windmills all blinked in unison.

This leg was the first time we had a faster aircraft behind us over-take us. A Cessna 182 was flying about 500 feet below us and slightly offset to the right. At 1000 feet AGL we were getting a slight tailwind. One of the 182 pilots told me at Lufkin that they were getting a 10 knot tailwind at their altitude. Oh, well. Guess you can't pick the right altitude each leg. We were happy with the 4 knot tailwind and not hitting any towers.
Entering the pattern at Lufkin

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